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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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take pictures of the view of the city that you soon went forgot. our first look out and at buena vista park san francisco heavily forested hill with couples and doing walkers it's as old as the near neighbor golden gate park and both have a coast live oak forest and fresh in retreat from urban life and meanders under a canopy of oaks yup lipid u.s. and chill out in this pleasant and quiet environment and you might see butter nice, and dandelion and is squirrels hundred dollaring for their next meal and buena vista park is 88
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>> calling the commissioner woo ho. >> bra don. >> atd ams. >> katz. >> murphy. >> here. >> item two, approval of aminutes for the may 14, 2013. >> second e >> all if in favor. >> item three, public comment sxexive session. >> okay, item four executive session. >> second. >> second the session and regarding the anticipated litigation matter and conference. >> move to closed session. >> second. >> i move to disclose anything discussed in the closed session. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> the pledge of allegiance?
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>> please be advised that during and the use of cell phones and pagers and electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting, and be advised that the chair may order the removal of anyone responsible for using of a cell phone, or taser or any other similar electronic device. a member of the public has up to three minutes to make the permanent public comment on each item. item 8 a, executive director's report. >> good evening, commissioners and members of the public and port staff thank you for being here today. i want to start by aapologizing
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for the lack of our video system. it has been on the fritz for quite a while and it finally just gave up. we have had many people hoping for a repair and not a full replacement. and so george has promised me that it will be as good as new coming up soon here, hopefully by the next meetings but apologis for the inconvenience today. >> so if there is any reason that you can't see the presentations being made, feel free to swag us and let us know. i just have a few items to report, some very happy news as my first item and tuesday may 14th, the board of supervisors unanimously approved the term sheet for the sea wall lot 337 in pier 37 known as mission rock, this is very good news for us and i don't think that we have had a term sheet approved unanimously by the order of supervisor and so it was a testament to the many, many years of planning and
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effort that have gone into this transaction and the great support that we have from the community in particular, and thank you, and to katie who i don't see here at the moment and many others, who have helped us to move this project forward. and so that was a very, very big coup and the board of supervisors supports the project and it is non-binding and we need to do a lot of work and over the next 18 to 24 months they will engage the process and the physical characteristics and the financial terms leading to the transaction documents which will end up in a position and a development agreement and so it will be back to the commission in the just 24 months. we have a lot work to do. the board of supervisors in approving the non-binding term sheet are envisioning 8 acres
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of space and open space approximately 3,000 parking space and rehabilitation and reuse of pier 48 and so we are very excited about where we are in the process and we look forward to continuing to work with all of our community partners and community advisors including the water front advisory group who some of them are here today, the maritime committee and the citizen bay committee and other neighborhood associations as well as the plethera of agencies and so a lot of work going forward but a major milestone has been met and we are the most gratified by the work and including by the board's budget analyst and
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congratulations to the studio port team of michael martin from the office of economic and workforce development and jonathan stern and phil williamson and barbara nut from the port team and very pleased and thank you commissioners for all that you have done throughout the last three or four years to help us get this far. so i hope that you take great pride in that. next i have more of a administrator item and continuing work on the brown scape work project as we are coming close to completing at the end of this fiscal year, there will be yet another lane closure this week beginning this evening through the end of the week, so for four nights, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and so i have that correct, steven? yeah. >> it should only be... >> and i am not sure which... >> okay, i see, so it will be two nights and it will be a little rulay between now and the next four nights of which is actually closed.
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happily the giants are only in town one night, wednesday night they have a 7:15 game and otherwise they play thursday at at&t park in the afternoon on the nights that if it is tonight, or thursday night or friday night, then the closure will return from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., if the closure occurs on wednesday night it will be well after the giant's game which will be from 12 a.m. to five a.m. as you know this is a pretty big project that we are building here including a sea wall repair and we have to close the bike lane and one lane of the northbound and the prominade in order to complete some of the work that is required and of course it is our goal to have all of these three elements reopened in time for the morning at 5 a.m. and so we ask everybody to just bear with us a little bit longer and the end result is going to be amazingly terrific. that is my housekeeping on that. >> and another item which is
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moving forward is the downtown san francisco ferry terminal project and you may recall that is a project at the ferry building sponsored by the water emergency transit authority also known as weta they are looking to expand the terminal area here with up to 3 new ferry gates and related passenger amenities as well as an enclosure of the lagoon that is over here in front of the restaurant so that there could be a place for emergency cuing in the event that there is a reason to evacuate downtown or get the people across the bay quickly. those three new gates will support service to rich montheder, berkeley, treasure island, america laous and redwood city and a big undertaking on behalf of the emergency sprans sit thoser and so to do so they need to do eir under the quality regulations and an eis environmental impact statement and under federal and
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environmental projection act purposes and so for the purposes of the federal eis so the authority is the primary lead for that action as they are providing some of the funding. and the port itself is considered aid responsible agency as we are the landowner and so eventually the port commission will be asked to approve the eir as a function of moving forward with the project itself and as right now the eir, eis is going to be published in draft form this friday as soon as it is published we will make available a link for that on the website which is and we are also co-hosting a public meeting on june 25th at 5:30 p.m. in the bay side conference rooms over at pier one for anybody that would like to come and begin the conversation on the draft eir. again, eis being published by weta this coming friday may the
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31st. >> and another item that i have is to announce that sunday streets will again be at the port on june ninth from eleven a.m. to four p.m. this time they will take place from the bay to the bay view and close down the traffic lanes to create an expanded area that will run from at&t park to the new common third streets and that will give us an opportunity to show case the blue, green way as it exists today. and both third street and cargo way and our elements that we have been working on long the boulevard and so sunday june ninth from at&t park and finally commissioners we have two memoriums that we would like to adjourn in their honor. the first is the passing of william wilson the third he passed on may 7th as you know
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he was a reknowned development here in the bay area, he founded william wilson and associates he was co-founder of web core builders and co-founder of wilson and sullivan and he has done a lot of great projects that you would recognize, but most importantly he did this building the ferry building renovation and rehabilitation and so we would like to recognize his contributions to the port. and by adjourning in his honor. secondly, we would like to adjourn in honor of roy m. floss. he joined the port in 1946 and it would have been an agency of the state of call and he joined as an electrician and stayed for 38 years retiring as the assistant superintendent as harbor maintenance and he met his wife at the port and married her, her name is alberta and marrid for 61 years until he passed earlier this
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month. and roy was born, raised and educated in san francisco, from elementary on. and in 1942, before he joined the port he enlisted in the navy and his job was to repair ships while they were at sea and he came back and joined the port in 1946 and stayed on as a ready reserve out of treasure island and he was called back to full duty for the korea war and so we would like to mark his passing by the adjournment of this body in his honor. >> that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment on the executive director's report. any comment on commissioners? >> okay. hearing none let's move forward. >> item on the consent calendar, to execute and modifications to contract
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number 2743, with the roebuck construction to extend the original contract duration to 240 days by additional 54. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> any public comment? >> hearing none, all in favor, aye. >> resolution, number 1 3-22 has passed. >> item 10 a, request of the endorsement of the term sheet between the port and forest city development california for the mixed use development for the pier 70 water front site, bored by generally by the 20th street, michigan street, 22 street and san francisco bay. >> brad benson, special projects manager and i am here representing the rather extensive port team who has been working on pier 70 and active in the negotiation and we are joined today by kevin
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and that is a good... for the meeting. and jack is going to start today's presentation by going over the city's vision for the water front site. and the commission chose forest city because it is publicly traded company and it has got dback as to the capitol and the city has experienced developing neighborhood of the type that we are looking to develop at the water front site. and as a city team, we have been really impressed with their vision for the water front site. and they have got respect for the historic character of the site and they have been working very closely with the neighbors around pier 70. folks in dog patch and up on patrol hill and surrounding areas and so we are very excited to break this milestone with them today and i am going to turn it over to jack who
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will do about a ten-minute presentation about the vin for this site and i will follow with an equally short presentation about the term sheet. >> thank you, brad. >> good afternoon commissioners, as brad mentioned my name is jack and i am with forest city and happy to be joined today by kevin ratner who is the head of the west coast for the company and before i go into sort of reminding us of the vision that has been put forward, i would like to in case of opportunity does not present itself at the end, thank all of the people who have been involved way frankly beyond even forest city's involvement that includes you all, executive director moyer and the great team of staff from the port and from the mayor's office and the central water front advisory group and all of the stake holders from the neighborhood and folks that were on the site
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today and including the new tenants and so what i would like to do just to set the stage for the presentation of the terms that this basic deal structure is share the vision that came out of the research that we have done, both for pier 70 as well as the other project that we are moving forward in san francisco, the five-man project that came out of the community out reach and the input that we got through that process. and maybe a place to start is to remind ourselves that there are many goals for the project, but three key ones were one to create a vibrant district at pier 70 and the water front was a key piece of that. related to that is the goal of reestablishing pier 70 as a major business hub as a driver of jobs. and then, third, and all of these were incorporated in the 2010 master plan is using the revitalization of pier 70 to
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deliver a comprehensive benefit's package that ranging from new infrastructure and also the financial benefits that will accrue to the port and the city. and delivery of on those goals, hindges on the ability to successfully create a place that lefages the historic uses on the site, the historic character of the site and that integrates with the surrounding neighborhood. and one of the things that early in the process that we were going through at pier 70 that we found from conversations with the community, that we found in conversations with companies that are driving growth in san francisco, is that there is a tremendous overlap in the type of the character of the urban environment that they want to be located in which is great for us. it gives us the opportunity to actually be able to accomplish
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both of those goals at one time. the ability to create that type of environment really hindges around a component of space and planning that gets referred to via a lot of different terms. but fundamentally is a diverse mix of interesting creative, publicly accessible and inviting uses that permeate the ground floor of the district this is something that san francisco is loved for its neighborhoods and it is something that we see in all of those neighborhoods. places where there is also a major office component are where you also have this, south of market, south park is a good example, you are starting to see some of that in the dog patch area as well. you see less of that, in the financial district and even in mission bay, and partly it is just that those places were not designed to try to accommodate and attract those types of uses.
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however, at pier 70, this, we believe, this component is fundamental to making pier 70 a place that can draw those major commercial users and those anchor office tenants and the knowledge economy companies which is essential to fulfill the policy goal in making pier 70 a major business hub and it is essential to the economic equation that supports 150 million in infrastructure costs and also essential to drawing the critical mass of people on the streets that actually support those uses on the ground floor. it is a bit of a cycle that supports itself. so, sometimes we call these or this category of use creative uses or place making uses. in the term sheet, the term that you see is innovation, retail and arts. and it is a bit of a catch-all
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phrase that covers a pretty broad spectrum and i thought that i would just highlight what we mean when we say that. who we are talking about. so, in the... i am ahead of myself. so, in the building 12, here, which we have envisioned as a market hall, that is the type of user that is the local manufacturer that is making selling goods. so the dog patch has a pretty robust and successful array of chocolate makers and wine makers. those are the type of things that you would see here. and there are apparel manufacturers in san francisco that are home grown and successful like beta brand that are also could be part of this. there is a second component which is design and product manufacturing and so that could be industrial designers, furniture makers letter press printers. and a third category,
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neighborhood serving retail, obviously important to a vibrant neighborhood has a couple of components, one, restaurants, cafes maybe a beer garden, that type of use, which we think will be a really important component here. and then something that is more along the lines of neighborhood services and conveniences like a dry cleaner, a market and a yoga studio. a fourth component of this place making category of uses is the arts and cultural component and it is something that exists today at pier 70 and something that we think that is important to expand the folks that are in the building, or the sort of the seed of that. and that is the 5 m project and we have got partners intersection for the arts or the foundation for the arts that are good examples of the type of organizations that with we would like to partner with and the gallery spaces and perhaps the outdoor performance
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venue is something that would be successful here. and then a fifth category that is consists of organizations that serve as a network they often consist of users that are sharing space and sometimes equipment, and there is a high density of people in the space and there is therefore a high density of creativity and also a high density of cross poll enation. and often they are called incubators or the work share environments at 5 m and a couple of those, partners that we have that fit that categories are tech shop around making or manufacturing or the hub around social entrepreneurship and so this is the an example of the array of types of uses and pier 70 will have its own unique mix that will develop over time that as we start to test what works and that is something that we would
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like to do immediately. also it is important to note that these were the uses that when we went to the community and said what is your vision for pier 70, it was these types of uses that we heard people saying, they wanted to come to the site to experience the type of activities that they were hoping to see, there is 275,000 square feet of this space in the project. which is a very significant component. and it is focused on the ground floor. it is worth noting and perhaps a bit obvious that these are not the economic drivers of the project and these uses require subsidy and not what will pay for the infrastructure but we believe that they are essential to creating the echo system and the character and the culture of the place that can be the magnet to draw what is the economic engine which is a
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combination of the residential component and the class a component and the plan that we have today and what is in the term sheet and anticipates 1,000 units and about 2.25 million square feet of office space that really is the component that support the delivery of the public benefit's package as well as it supports those ground floor uses and not just the subsidy but by having enough people on the site. one thing that i think is important in terms of the land planning perspective and the place making perspective is that if you look at when these uses are located, these place-making uses are almost all on the ground floor and they cover the majority of the ground floor spaces. there, that is where the public will interact with the site and it is on the upper severals where you have used the
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residential and commercial uses that are less accessible which again are the economic deliver for this site and then importantly it is the... it is this ecosystem of build spaces that is tide together by the public realm and it is the parks, the streets and the sidewalks and the pathways and then the new shore line. the plan is specifically configured to enable those parts to become extensions of the activity and the buildings and vice versa and we have taken the open space and we have created these rooms we call them that have a more intimate relationship with the buildings that they front on. and so the market square becomes a place where the market hall and building 12 which is the rust colored buildings spills out into this
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urban plaza that is surrounded by the historic buildings, two and 12 and 21, the noted historic buildings on the water front site. and an area of the site called the commons this connects that historic node in the market square with the water front. it is framed on both sides by the creative uses. and in this area here. and a new building that includes the arts and cultural and local manufacturing and perhaps the in door outdoor performance venue. here. and there is no road between the buildings and the open space and so the activity can actually spill out to that park and the space is large enough and will be designed to be flexible so that you could have 2,000 people there for a music concert or an outdoor movie but
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also the type of space where someone can have a picnic or take the kids out to play. >> a third space it an area called the point. and where the blue, green, wave passes through pier 70 and actually touches the water front on the water front site and it is in front of building six which is the rest colored building there and there is a calmer green landscape zone and lastly the promenade which we think will become a distinct part of san francisco water front. with a generous bicycle and pedestrian an pathway restaurants and cafes on one side with the historic pieares jetting out into the bay on the other. and these amazing views north towards downtown and the bay bridge and the connections south and what will become the extension of this shore line access and the former power plant and so we have had three
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incredibly well attended open houses at pier 70 and probably have 600 to 700 people in the open houses and have been really excited by the overwhelmingly positive response that we have received and we are extremely excited to advance what today and other conceptual level to the next phase of planning and design with your support on the term sheet and to move things one step closer to making it a reality. and i will pass it on to brad but i am happy to answer the questions afterwards. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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so the purpose of this presentation, this part of the presentation is to share with you not so much the terms of the term sheet, the one over those in the last commission meeting, but again, to go through the city staff analysis, of the land use program, and the deal structure getting to what some of the expected returns to the port may be. and talk a little bit about what comes next, if the port commission endorses the term sheet today. and so, we have been thinking about pier 70, and dreaming for quite some time. and really since the water use plan identified the portion of the site as a mixed utah opportunity site and there was a prior effort to develop the site which you all know was not successful and largely not successful because it focused on a 15 acre of the site and
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there were questions about what would happen with the rest of pier 70. and there was a visioning of the site that was in 2005, which led to the process the planning process to develop the preferred master plan and that yielded a development by the commission and developer solicitation which developed into the forest city in 2011. >> it has been two years and if the term sheet is endorsed we will answer approximately 2 to 3-year entitlement phase on the project. and that is where we will do the sequa analysis